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Loic Sattler

In Graphic Design by Creative Tempest1 Comment

Creative Tempest looks to Loic Sattler for a vision of contemporary design trends, and what we see is radiant color, abstract design, irony, nostalgia, beautiful women, and striking text. It …

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Vitaly S. Alexius

In Digital Art by Creative Tempest5 Comments

Vitaly S. Alexius’s wonderful fantasy digital paintings take us at Creative Tempest not just to the end of the world, but also to the end of the world! Confused? Well …

Nicolas Alexander

In Graphic Design, Illustration by Creative Tempest1 Comment

Since it’s inception writers attempted to move the reader with words, to stir the emotions into flight, but Nicolas Alexander was born to ask, “Why don’t the words move themselves?” …

* Gerardo Monterrubio

In Sculpture by Creative Tempest3 Comments

Creative Tempest is thrilled to break through the surface of cliche design and art, and descend into the truly creative abyss to find our artists and bring them

Pietari Posti

In Illustration by Creative Tempest0 Comments

Pietari Posti precisely paints pleasing patterns for patient patrons, peeping his portfolio. Creative Tempest is not liable for any spit related keyboard damage if you read that sentence out loud. …

Creative Tempest Poster Giveaway

In News by Creative Tempest4 Comments

Creative Tempest is back with yet another poster giveaway competition. This time we are delivery some hot posters by Taj Francis to five lucky winners. All you have to do …

Kevin Banna

In Photography by Creative Tempest3 Comments

Kevin Banna captures modern life with his camera like Norman Rockwell would today, that is with a healthy dose of cynicism. It’s not the lighting, composition that are not clean …

* Stick Up Kids

In Graffiti by Creative Tempest1 Comment

The Stick Up Kids really define the kind of art Creative Tempest grew up on, murals with tags where the names are almost unreadable, which exist just as an excuse

Luke Lucas

In Graphic Design, Illustration by Creative Tempest4 Comments

Creative Tempest supposes that great typographers like Luke Lucas could also be called poets since both poets and typographers express the beauty in words. However, there is a difference. A …

Tiago Hoisel

In Digital Art by Creative Tempest37 Comments

Tiago Hoisel is a mad scientist reanimating cartoon characters into living beings, or perhaps he is capturing the souls of living beings and injecting them into cartoon molds? Either way …

Aaron Nace

In Photo Composite by Creative Tempest12 Comments

Aaron Nace is the star of his own show, but while many of us are questing for stardom all over the internet by filling out silly surveys, updating your status, …

Paulo Flatau

In Illustration by Creative Tempest3 Comments

Paulo Flatau may make patterns, but he’s definitely not repeating himself, or anyone else for that matter. Creative Tempest typically loathes looking at the same thing over and over again, …

Cristiano Siqueira

In Illustration by Creative Tempest1 Comment

Cristiano Siqueira tells Creative Tempest that while photographs are fine, an illustrated portrait can sometimes raise the power of the human face to a higher level. Cristiano interprets unique faces …

Drew Millward

In Illustration by Creative Tempest2 Comments

Through this difficult recession, Drew Millard’s volcano-erupting, storm-seeding, earthquake-causing, poster designs keep the tack companies in business, all of them. Creative Tempest is considering building an east wing onto our …

Gary Salter

In Photography by Creative Tempest1 Comment

Please excuse Creative Tempest’s first awful pun. !WARNING! “Gary Salter? More like Gary Sugar!” !WARNING! We hope you made it through that one just fine, and though we are sorry …

Mike Orduna

In Graphic Design by Creative Tempest2 Comments

Artist Mike Orduna has a gift for translating reality into subtly familiar lines, patterns, and shapes.  Against a backdrop of watercolor, Mike infuses military-esque, culturally transcendent symbols with free-form, artistic …