Michael Kutsche

Depending on your perceptions of the current state of the traditional painting in a technology obsessed popular culture of gadgets, Michael Kutsche is either simply a friend, healer, or necromancer of painting. Creative Tempest believes generally in extremes, and so to us Michael Kutsche as a necromancer of traditional painting. With magic and mathematical spells he speaks an incantation over the corpse of a blank canvas bringing it back to life by filling it with cinematic and surreal visions.

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  1. Those are amazing. Especially the robot and fish.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Your work is great. I have an ad campaign that could use your illustration style if you are interested. Can you give me an email address that I can use to can get in touch.

  3. Hi Micheal:
    Love your work! We have a project in development that we would like to dicuss with you. Please let me know if you are interested in talking with us.
    Sony Pictures Animation

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  5. An amazing works. This is exactly the style I like.
    Tim Burton was right when he took you to shape his film characters

  6. Since I have seen your illustrations on nineteen74.com/magazine, I am in love with you, Michael!!!

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