Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel is a mad scientist reanimating cartoon characters into living beings, or perhaps he is capturing the souls of living beings and injecting them into cartoon molds? Either way he is certainly mad!

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  1. Its Fuckin gooood!!!Funny Faces!StalloneRonaldinho,Wolwerine….This Pictures make me Smile..Very very nice Job!!!!

  2. Hi there Tiago,
    Your work is great. I have an ad campaign that could use your illustration style if you are interested. Can you give me an email address that I can use to can get in touch.

  3. absolutelly stunning work…maybe best caricatures i´ve seen on internet. Keep upp your amazing work! If you are interrested , i can forward your amazing work to my clients for ad campaign, just let me your contact.

  4. Stunning 3D arts. Just wondering which 3D application he used to make these. Maybe 3DsMax

  5. they all look illustrated to me…this is awesome-ness!

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  8. It is great how he focuses on what people actually see first in this real life actors. For example, the hair on wolverine is larger than the rest. Great 3D work!!!

  9. Wow! What a blend of real and imagined!
    Well done!

  10. Phaoloo:

    this isn’t done in 3d software.

    its digital painting!

  11. Wow if this really is digital painting this is pretty damn impressive! Without a doubt you know exactly who each person is. Very custom and unique

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  13. These are awesome…. I just don’t understand why it’s racist according to a few of the posts here…

    are you kidding me?? great work dude…

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  15. funny characterization but nice digital painting….

  16. please make a photo of mohmod ahmadi nejad yhe president of iran. it would be enough funny for all the world

  17. i have no idea who most of these are supposed to be.

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