* Steve Goodin – DEMEN1

For DEMEN1, font does not mean flat. His designs center on type that he has put into perspective, made to cast shadows, and organically textured, anything he can do to make his letters and words rocket off the canvas like a Porsche with a gas tank full of cheetah blood. By simulating photographic elements in his work, he pushes us to understand that his work is tangible and real. For changing our understanding of type he is Creative Tempestโ€™s newest featured artist.











  1. Wow, jawdroppingly beautiful!
    Time to fire up PS indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. WoW. this is great stuff. i should learn some 3D programs. maybe i should buy C4D, but 1000 dollars is a little to much at the moment.

  3. Hey bro! Fresh skills! keep it up luv to c ur work!

  4. truly inspirational!!.. this one led me to back on track..

    Can anyone tells me what program did he use for the 3D effects?or this is just plain photoshop and where did he get the glossy-splashes like the creative tempest poster.

    luv the creative tempest and massive attack!

    MORE POWER! CREATIVE TEMPEST! thanks for the well of inspirations ๐Ÿ™‚

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