Nanami Cowdroy

(Weekly Story Theme: Romance) Nanami Cowdroy tented her fingers together and twiddled her thumbs. Her legs were crossed tightly, and she was sunk far down into a huge comfortable couch with a pillow stuck between her arms and her chest. As if to remain balanced on a fulcrum, her date sat at the opposite end of the sofa. Nanami clicked the remote, and the T.V. image shrunk to blackness, and the only sound left in the room was the gurgle of a large tropical fish tank that stood behind the couch. As Nanami scooted in closer to her date, so he scooted closer to her, maintaining that tricky balance. The kissing Gouramis fluttered around in the tank and pressed their lips together, as Nanami Cowdroy and her date did the same. Ever since that first kiss, Nanami Cowdroy has been inspired by exotic fish in her art.

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  1. Woooowww!!!Black and White Power!!!!Very nice!!!!Goood for Tattoos!!!

  2. wonderful dear.. these are so awesome that i keep loving to see them again and again

  3. Wow…!
    It’s a beautiful girl and beautiful picture’s.

  4. There was not a pointilis style, if you know me yes.

  5. BAD ASS work!!! You keep up te great work! I cannot wait to view more.

  6. This is some great looking artwork. The detail on some of those Coy are amazing.

  7. Can you tell me, what kind of pen you use? please because I want to learn as you Nanami. thank’s before

    nurhadi gembul

  8. That sounds fine nonetheless i’m just still less than sure that I favor it. Nonetheless will look even more into it and decide personally! 🙂

  9. I am sooo getting the suspended origami birds tattooed!!! YAY!!

  10. You should illustrate your own beauty, one can only imagine what we see before our eyes would only be a reflection of the true beauty awaiting us all. I guess in your own time

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