* Fred Eerdekens

Like a miner tears through solid earth to find his treasure, Fred Eerdekens tears through light to find his treasure, but while the miner searches for material gain, Fred Eerdekens looks for beauty in his art. Fred Eerdekens hidden messages inside of his sculptures show us that something mysterious can make sense once a light is shone on it.

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  1. Thật là tuyệt vời. chỉ mình làm với được ko ? ngưỡng mộ quá à… he he

  2. sao mà hay quá vậy. chỉ mình làm với, ngưỡng mộ quá đi à… hihi

  3. Tâm gà đã từng vào đây
    Chào thân ái và quyết thắng

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  5. I just found your blog recently and I love all your drgwanis and everything so much!I want to be an illustrator too, but you see, I have no idea how to get such jobs, I mean after art education. How did you become an illustrator? How do you get jobs, where do you find such information? It would be so nice if you could tell me 🙂

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