Creative Tempest Show and Shell (Out)

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Creative Tempest Show and Shell (Out)

by | Mar 2, 2009 | News

You show us your favorite artist, and if we decide to feature them, we shell out! Ten lucky winners will have their chosen artists featured on Creative Tempest and also receive a completely original limited edition Creative Tempest poster designed by one of our favorite artists, Steve Goodin also known as DEMEN1. This amazing poster is 100% guaranteed to help you loose weight because you will be getting up and walking over to touch it every few minutes just to make sure the art really isn’t jumping off your wall. If his name hasn’t rung a bell yet his work certainly will!

You Show:
1. Pick any artist of your choice who’s work is featured on the web. (Were talking any form of art that can be inspirational to other artists)

2. Post the artist’s full name and website in the comment section below. Make sure to link up your email so we can contact you.

We Shell:
1. Guaranteed – 11″x17″ full color quality poster by DEMEN1 (Steve Goodin).


2. Maybe two posters if your artist is really cool.

3. Nice packaging of some sort.

4. Bubble wrap, if your lucky.

5. Personal message from the crew.

The Details:
The contest begins Monday March 2nd 2009 and ends Friday March 13th at midnight.

No duplicates! If the same artist is posted twice, only the person who posted it first will be accepted.

Each person can only post one artist.

Artists cannot have been previously featured on Creative Tempest (so glance over our posts to make sure yours isn’t already taken).

The ten winners will be announced on March 16th at Your artist could actually become a “Featured Artist of the Week.”

So hurry up and post your artist before others do!

Unfortunately we cannot cover the cost of shipping outside the US. For those living within the US packages will be shipped free of charge to your address.