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Weekend News

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On January 12th, 2009 Creative Tempest was launched and this Thursday we will be celebrating our 1 month anniversary. Already Creative Tempest has been turning the heads of visitors from all over the web. Our first two weeks into the launch we wanted to focus on content before bringing visitors. It was only a matter of time before people started to find the site on their own and two weeks after the launch, Creative Tempest sky rocketed! Within these two weeks we have already managed to obtain over 4,000 views, 25,000 pageviews with a bounce rate less then 2% and nearly 200 subscribers. It is an exciting time for all of us and we just wanted to personally thank all of you visiting our site.

If your not exactly familiar with how this site operates here is a quick breakdown of what we do. Every Monday we feature and Artist of the Week which runs at the top of the page throughout the entire week. Then Tuesday through Friday we feature other artists right below it. Everything is placed in chronological order and can easily be found. When you see an asterisk by an artists name it means that they were once an artist of the week. We do a lot of the leg work that most other sites don’t do and that is we provide lots of work from each artist. We try to keep it as simple as possible for our viewers.

We have several goals for this website but in a nut shell the main purpose is to recognize and inspire artists. We try to keep our categories rather broad cause we believe all forms of art can be inspirational. So instead of having to spend countless hours searching the web when your mind is dry that’s where Creative Tempest comes with a storm of inspiration. We highly recommend subscribing if you have not already.

We are glad that all of you have been enjoying this site. We have huge plans for it in the near future so continue to help us by spreading the word. In the mean time check out some of our latest updates below:

Latest Updates:

1. Advertising with Creative Tempest –

Because Creative Tempest strives for an uncluttered, and easy to navigate site, we have decided to stray from selling typical in-your-face advertising, and have gone in a completely new direction.

Every 5 seconds for a 1/2,000th of a second Creative Tempest flashes full page ads for top companies, and for a monthly fee you can be a part of a new effective super-subliminal advertising trend for the web.

For decades advertisers have been sneaking secret messages into your television programs, your newspapers, your mail, your cereal boxes, on billboards, written in the sky, under bottle caps, on the clothes you wear, whispered into your ear at night while you sleep, and in many other countless ways and places, but finally through Creative Tempest, subliminal advertising has crept onto the web like a teenage ninja carefully tip-toeing across rooftops in order to sneak into the house late at night without waking his angry ninja parents.

Why waste hours in business meetings coming up with your newest ad campaign that will probably just be ignored by cynical artists when you could advertise super-subliminally with Creative Tempest and bypass the conscious barriers consumers have to ads and go directly into the deepest hidden regions of their brains?

Creative Tempest won’t be surprised if you find yourself leaving our website expecting to find some Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls in your pantry, and when they are not there you drive to the grocery store to buy some, and when you find they are sold out you follow whoever bought the last box home, break into their house late at night, take the dessert cakes, and stash them in a tree in the front yard like a squirrel. That’s the power we can offer you.

2. Creative Tempest Wallpapers –

Check out our latest wallpaper section. Make sure to frequent this page as it will be continually updating.

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