* Christophe Huet

Christophe Huet composites computer generated art and photography in order to melt the barrier between waking life and the dream world within his wonderfully surreal advertisements. He is what we are all about at Creative Tempest, having no reservations on your imagination, and that is why he is our second featured artist of the week.


  1. The superman one reminds me of an exhibition I saw in the Whitney Museum- The American Effect and there was an installation there where the superheroes were seen as nursing home denizens. Powerful.

  2. clever, charming and stunning pieces

  3. ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WORK. Such imagination. Looking forward to more.

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  10. first of all, yes they are interesting and yes they may captivate the eye… but they also deprive the soul. i wasted a good 2 minutes of life looking at stupid pictures. and superman deserves wayyy better. stupid.

  11. I would love to have any of these on my walls – brilliant and provocative

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