Amelia Lyon

Amelia Lyon advertises that you can hire them for event photography, but they are really underwater nature photographers. Their work captures intimate couples up close, driven together by inevitable natural desire, in a world of watery luminescence: tropical kissing fish. The sun flares into their photography like light breaking the surface of a shallow tropical sea lapping a sandy shore, giving you the feeling that you and the people in the photo are completely immersed. This poetry in their work takes their wedding/ couples’ photography to a higher level, beyond the stuff the job suggests, and that is why Creative Tempest returns with them, because they are artists finding a new way.

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  1. beautiful is a great word to discribe the beauty in these pic

  2. I was lucky enough to assist Justin and Amelia on about four weddings and I must say they really are amazing. They are artistic in every way possible, and are professional the entire time.

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