Yuken Teruya

Like an alchemist attempting to transmute lead into gold, Yuken Teruya tries to turn ordinary waste into beautiful works of art, the onlydifference is that Yuken Teruya succeeds where the alchemists failed. Yuken Teruya’s formula from transformation involves pulling the the art from previously used materials like it existed inside always. Yuken Teruya shows us then the value in everything around us and the potential for beauty around every corner, not just in the usual places.

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  1. Can’t believe that this post has only one comment… Great work, must have a hell of a lot of patience for this.

  2. Unbelievable! I could look at his work for hours and not tire of it… Well done… I’m a fan…

  3. Fabulous! really, can hardly believe what I’m seeing.
    Thank you – you made my day

  4. thanks John, I took the photo and others at vezenia biennale exhibition – unfortunately I misplaced the info leaflets so I cant identify the individual artists. but this work and another similar I will put up in a few days are I believe from Slovenia.

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