Vitaly S. Alexius

Vitaly S. Alexius’s wonderful fantasy digital paintings take us at Creative Tempest not just to the end of the world, but also to the end of the world! Confused? Well Vitaly S. Alexius renders over and over again brightly colored scenes from far away places, unknown landscapes, and what happens there seems to be the apocalypse, the end of time. In these far away places and time Vitaly S. Alexius shows us that the end of civilization will not come from natural disaster, but will be the doing of man.

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  1. Wow,This Works are Heavy Weight!!!Fantastic Paintings!!!Incredible!!!Tooo prety…

  2. Never seen anything like this. I could look at this art all day long. What an imagination, a genius.

  3. Fantastic work, but have to say I find most of it quite scary and sinister

  4. I am completely in love with this style… These images are perfection!

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