Khuong Nguyen

Khuong Ngyuyen needs a massage. His photo composites tell all Creative Tempest needs to know, and we are going to send him over a skilled Swede right away. Khoung Nguyen’s most compelling images feature people contorted and twisted up into inhuman poses, though the are created with such skill that Creative Tempest cannot determine if he simply edited the photos, or really did just photograph some incredibly skilled gymnasts. Either way someone either in front of or behind those photos is waking up in the morning with an aching back!

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  1. awesome ,.,.,.

    ,.,hie y dont u help us buh giving some tips

  2. Although these photographs assimilate to be real paintings I like the style remind me of a painting by a famous painter named Gabino Amaya Cacho and some of his works The agreement that I cut out of a magazine and I always have it with me in my notebook. I would love to see your masterpieces on this blog

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