Andrea Joseph

(Weekly Story Theme: Romance) There is no other love like an illustrator’s hand and its pen. These two spend hours together everyday, inseparable, and when they are not together, the hand years for the cool grip of its beautiful slender pen. Andrea Joseph hand knows this feeling well, and his hand and its pen have been committed to each other for years now, and now on Creative Tempest they renew their vows.

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    tell me where you got your colored ballpoint pens

  2. Thank you for immortalizing the many pairs of old cons that have come and gone in my life. Beautiful work.

  3. Wow. This person lives in my brain!

    -really- great stuff
    big love

  4. Uninspired and too tight. Another artist that can technically draw, but the markmaking isn’t well considered so the image flattens out valuewise. good luck with illustration? honestly I can’t see this published anywhere except in your own sketchbook

  5. I honestly wish I could draw like that. It’s so real and beautifully done. Absolutely gorgeous and amazing. <3

  6. Seriously amazing! I love each and every one of your drawings.

  7. This is truly beautiful. You’re going to go far in life, keep it up!

  8. Wow! I love your stuff, it’s wonderful. I’m hoping to get up to Buxton to see your exhibition soon.

  9. Wow, these are incredible!! The Cross-Hatching of the Ballpoint pin gives such an amazing, detailed affect. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. wow really superb creative designs … I am totally inspire of these collection man ..keep it up

  11. i love ur illustrations!! the objects, details, colors, everything! lovely.. LOVE ‘EM!! keep it up 😀

  12. Beautiful. I love how rough yet detailed it is when using pens

  13. Your work is superb
    Your so talented
    I use to love drawing with pen but now its all about the sharpie (drives my mother nuts!) haha.
    But anyways, I truly enjoyed viewing your doodles. Keep it up for I would love to see more!

  14. hey. these are amazing! im really interested in the converse ones. i collect converse and i was wondering if you would maybe make a copy of them? i would want to put a poster of it in my room it would be so awesome in there (:

  15. wow, these are amazing.
    I hope one day my drawings are as good as yours, they are inspiring.

  16. I wish spitting out coffee on your study table was legit. Commendable job!
    I like your choice of subjects, you made good use of each. 🙂

  17. I’ve always been inspired by pen work, but this really moved me. It really makes me want start sketching everyday again, you’ve done a great job being such an inspiration 🙂

  18. I love your line. These are very nice. Soft, but precise. 🙂

  19. This is so inspiring to me. You are so talented and, you’re so good I feel a little more hope for mankind. Ugh. Mesmerized.

  20. Wow! I thought I was a good drawer; but you make my drawings look like poo….you’re amazing! Keep it up; you have an amazing talent!

  21. Very beautiful and real sensitivity in your drawing style.

  22. Excellent work. I love the huge variety of moments in life you’ve crammed into one space.
    Love the artists desk and converse boots.. My niece is 7 and is very visual. I’ve sent her your blog but i wanted to give her something literal. Tried to find where i could buy authorised high res posters of your work but couldn’t find anything. Would you consider getting prints done please.
    Keep it up.. The article in the metro today brought me here.

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