* Peter Callesen

by | May 20, 2009 | Installation / Conceptual, Sculpture

(Weekly Story Theme: Detective) A stash of papers explodes from a briefcase like hidden doves in a magician’s hat breaking free during the act. The edge of the thief’s stolen briefcase caught the top of a wrought iron fence as he escaped from the Governor’s mansion, chased by Detective Peter Callesen. The thief, who Detective Peter Callsen had been tailing all day, may have gotten away over the fence in the flurry of papers, but at least Peter Callsen now knew what he was after the whole time. Peter Callesen drew together all the paper that had been flung out all over the estate, and from them unraveled the entire mystery. Peter Callesen is a master of paperwork, drawing forth from a simple flat sheet, complex images that indicate even more complex stories.

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