Aron Jancso

Here at Creative Tempest, we bring you only the best artwork from around the world. Our next artist we have chosen to feature is a typeface artist from Budapest, Hungary, named Aron Jancso. Aron Jancso is a man who spends his time skillfully drawing and designing letters. We love how he displays simplicity yet distinctness in his typefaces and how his glyphs, though silent on paper, leap off the page and scream at you with bold attitude. Something over in Hungary is inspiring him in a way that makes us want to visit. To sum it all up with one word: sick! We’re happy to post such creative talent and vision here on Creative Tempest and hope that you’ll share the same appreciation for their great artwork that we do. If your interested in getting one of his famous fonts head on over to Gestalten.

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  1. He is a big guy who really made something very special for others.. Like me.. I’m Bijutoha

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