Studio This Is

With each and every post, we strive here at Creative Tempest to bring you only the best artists from around the world. This post comes to you not from one single place but from several across the United States, with our artists being Nicole Wolf, Brad Wolf, and Jeremy Bustos; along with several others who with their powers combined come together to form OVEREXPOSED. Actually, they’re really SOTA Dzine and Studio ThisIs, OVEREXPOSED is simply their “Palace of Justice” where they all meet together and share their photography escapades. The artists behind OVEREXPOSED met in college as simply like-minded individuals who, “thrive to create…share their lives, inspiration, and work” and, “stuck together to do what they love”. Their work can be found at,,, and the highly recognized We’re happy to post such talent and vision here on Creative Tempest and hope you will share the same appreciation for their great artwork that we do.

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