He and She Photography

With each and every post, we strive here at Creative Tempest to bring you only the best artists from around the world. This post comes to you all the way from Orange County, California, with our artist being none other than Randy and Erin from He&She Photography. Randy and Erin are a married couple who both come from creative family backgrounds. Erin, coming from a family of artists, has her bachelors of fine arts degree in creative photography. Randy who was a graphic designer has his bachelors of fine arts in graphic design. They both bring their creative expertise together to form a photography style that can best be described as “photojournalism meets quirky fashion photography. We are very influenced by the aesthetics of fashion photography, yet our unobtrusive approach enables us to create a documentary of your wedding from an insider’s perspective”. We, at Creative Tempest, love how their snapshots really capture that love-at-first-sight feel. They are candid, real and really focus on those moments of life that are usually otherwise lost. We’re happy to post such talent and vision here on Creative Tempest and hope you will share the same appreciation for their great artwork that we do.

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