Kurt Wenner

We are used to featuring street artists here at Creative Tempest, but typically they are the ones, who want to write their names in the history books with a huge permanent black sharpie, but Kurt Wenner is a street artist who cares little for permanency, and he does so by choosing to create his work in chalk. Ironically, his anamorphic work will exist far longer in memory than the works of other spray canned scrawling because it literally jumps out at you.











  1. Pour avoir de telles visions et les réaliser, c’est qu’il existe encore des âmes de géants dans quelques têtes humaines… et le coeur qui va avec 🙂

  2. Author

    I think what Ganayllian just said was : To have such visions and them to carry out, it is that there exist still hearts of giants in some human heads… and the heart which goes with:)

  3. Who do I contact to have something like this done on my kitchen floor? Can you imagine walking into a kitchen and seeing the ocean below you…I would lOVE it!

  4. Kurt, You’re truly talented and God has blessed you with an amazing gift! I enjoyed your artwork! Thanks again and good luck to you

  5. man!!! amazing!!!
    honestly im blown away!!!
    would love to tattoo one of your works on myself, wish i could find a good inuff artist to do it for me,
    if its cool with you obvcors…

  6. wounderful work, only chosen elighteng people can do that kind of work because most of your paintings come from the other side

  7. it s impressive when he plays with the wall and the floor
    but Julian Beever is better in my opinion

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